About us

MAP5 Hotels & Resorts solutions bring together their pool of unique and diverse talents to provide hospitality solutions. The firm provides balanced hospitality solutions for a variety of sustainability challenges faced by the hospitality industry today.

With a combined experience of more than 35 years in the hotel industry means we have worked with all kinds of clients & corporate, with different goals & relationships. We have built our approach to work with the respective hotel management to develop the best results for YOUR business. With our vast exposure in the hotel industry & contacts with major corporate & travel agents, we can assess your sales & marketing programs at Pan India markets, with special focus on the feeder markets for your hotel & find the right mix of clients for your hotel. We will help you find ways to build your brand equity while making it easier & more cost effective for you to market your hotel.

A team of professionals with excellent track record in operations & Sales-Marketing. A strong sales network. Ability to identify market gaps value for money Sales & Marketing strategy.

Vision Statement: To establish ourselves as a key player in the managing hospitality establishments across the country.

Mission Statement: To provide the right Mix of Services, Revenues and Profits for all our clients.

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